Point is not added event if I walk more than 8,000 steps.

We got news that someone member found that he cannot get Stamina Point event if he walk more than 8,000 steps in 24 hours.

We have investigate this and found as follows:

Affected user
Registered user before Jan 18,2019(UTC).

Reason of not added point

Already added more than rule for some reason in program bug.
So automatically added again if exceeded correct point.

Someone already have 7.4 stamina point.
But based on point rule, it should be 6.2 point in calculation.
He can get point again if his calculated point is bigger than 7.4 point.

Why too much point is given
Originally rule is  0.2 point is given if daily steps are more than 6,000 before Jan 18, 2019(UTC)

But there was coding mistake and 0.2 point was added every 6,000 steps. 

And after January 18, 2019(UTC), new point rule become effective  0.2 point is given if daily steps is more than 8,000.
With this new code, point before January 18 started to calculate correctly. And this happened.