Automate Your Call Center

DELIGHT is a contact center automation solution that allows you to resolve customer inquiries in over 30 languages with a more efficient and customizable AI solution. Learn more.

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Customers who trust DELIGHT


“We’re seeing drastically higher call resolution rates. We can address more customers better and faster, and feel more prepared for whatever
may come next.”
“Our NPS score has jumped since
we’ve automated with DELIGHT.
There’s no more bottleneck answering our most common questions and getting customers the help they need.”
“As a seasonal business, we’ve been able to handle the spike in calls without adding labor costs. Implementing the service quickly and seamlessly
was crucial.”

How does DELIGHT work?

Typical call center challenge:

Human Resource Shortage," "Long Training Period," and "Shift Coordination

DELIGHT's solution

All questions are handled by
DELIGHT call center automation.
Any voice messages left by callers can be copied as emails and sent to direct company departments.
Any calls that DELIGHT cannot address will be transferred to the correct department and/or person.

DELIGHT enables businesses
to reduce their contact center
costs by up to 70%.