Yu Koshikawa participated in the press conference for the transfer.

Yu Koshikawa participated in the press conference for the transfer.

We supported the transfer of Japan's representative volleyball player Yu Koshikawa to Padova, Italy, and our representative, Mr. Anno, participated in the press conference held in the company of HORIPRO.

The press conference can be viewed on YouTube.

About PADOVA (official name: S.S.D.C. Pallavol Padova SRL)
There are 14 clubs in Italy's first division (A1) and about 16 clubs in the second division (A2). The Pallavol Padova SRL is a volleyball club based in the city of Padova in northern Italy. The city of Padua is a 30-minute train ride from Venice and less than two hours from Milan.

Ranking of PADOVA
League participation in the second division, aiming for promotion to A1 in the 2010-2011 season.

Season League position Representative players
2008-2009 14th place (A1) * 3 Italian national team players (De Togni, Maruotti WL2009, Perazzolo WL2008) German national team player Kromm Robert and others

2007-2008 11th place (A1) * Diaz-Ruiz (Venezuela national team, V-League experience) and others
2006-2007 12th place (A1)
2005-2006 11th place (A1)
2004-2005 5th place (A1)
2003-2004 5th place (A1)
2002-2003 11th (A1)
2001-2002 13th place (A1)

☐League Duration Last year the league started on Sunday, September 28 (A2) and ended in April.

☐Club website: http://www.semprevolley.com/

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