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Our company has over 15 years of experience as an agency representing competitive athletes. Professional athletes entrust their agents with things that, for various reasons, they themselves cannot accomplish. In turn, the agent handles points such as media relations and club negotiations for the coming season (domestic and overseas). 

The final decision over which team or club to sign with comes down to the athlete. The agent's first responsibility is to prepare various options. When costs are incurred for necessities like overseas business trips, the athlete is generally encouraged to accept these expenses.

Now, amidst rapidly changing business conditions, we believe that there are many things that simply cannot be handled by in-house staff alone. We also believe that this problem can be remedied by taking advantage of the past experience and know-how of our agents. In other words, we are business agents (representatives) that specialize in seeing each job to its conclusion.

There is currently only a small number of business agents listed. However, the following page is updated whenever new information is available. 



Our services

We are providing 4 services to client to solve issues and support execution. With permission we did things make happen instead.


Our Business Agent


Food, IT, Finance, Service, WEB/App Business


  • IT(General or development)
  • Marketing(Digital/Event)
  • Corporate Management in different country(USA/Japan/China/Cambodia)


Mr.ANNO is our most experienced business person. He has skills and experience  in developing new business model. 
If you are foreign company, and want to develop or expand your business in Japan market, please contact him.