Atomtech Inc., a developer and manufacturer of IoT products, and DELIGHT Inc., a provider of AI phone services, have announced a partnership to offer a new AI phone service for crowd management.

The new service, which will be powered by Atomtech's AI crowd counting service, will use AI to automatically count the number of people in a location. This information will then be used to provide real-time updates on crowd levels to callers using DELIGHT's AI phone service.

ATOM Cam 2

The new service is designed to help businesses and organizations manage crowd levels and prevent overcrowding. It is particularly well-suited for businesses such as retail stores, fitness clubs, and public facilities, which need to be able to quickly and easily provide information on crowd levels to customers.


Details of the partnership

Under the partnership, Atomtech will provide DELIGHT with access to its AI crowd counting service. DELIGHT will then use this data to provide real-time updates on crowd levels to callers using its AI phone service.

The new service will be available to businesses and organizations for a monthly fee of JPY500.


About Atomtech

Atomtech is a startup company founded in 2019 with the mission of "revolutionizing Japanese smart home products." The company's flagship product, the Atom Cam, is a smart home camera that offers a variety of features, including AI-powered motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio.

Actual analysis images within the AI analysis server for ATOM Cam



DELIGHT is a startup company founded in 2011 with the mission of "solving social problems through sports." The company's AI phone service, DELIGHT Assistant, is used by a variety of businesses and organizations, including municipalities, listed companies, and campaign offices.

About the new service

The new AI phone service for crowd management is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that need to manage crowd levels. The service is easy to use and affordable, making it a cost-effective way to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of overcrowding.



The partnership between Atomtech and DELIGHT is a significant development in the field of crowd management. The new AI phone service is a powerful tool that can help businesses and organizations to keep their customers safe and informed.