DELIGHT Honored as a Fastest-Growing Company in 2023 by Founder Institute

DELIGHT Honored as a Fastest-Growing Company in 2023 by Founder Institute

We are thrilled to announce its recognition as one of the prestigious FI 50 companies, highlighting its remarkable growth among their portfolio companies.

A Journey of Growth and Transformation with Founder Institute

DELIGHT's journey to becoming an FI 50 company began in 2022 when it joined the Founder Institute Japan cohort, a rigorous 14-week program designed to nurture and accelerate promising startups. Through this intensive program, DELIGHT gained invaluable insights, refined its business strategy, and honed its entrepreneurial skills.

Our commitment to growth and innovation further led it to join the Founder Institute Funding Lab, a unique accelerator program based in Silicon Valley focused on securing funding for high-potential startups. This experience provided DELIGHT with the expertise and connections necessary to navigate the funding landscape and secure the resources needed to fuel its expansion.

DELIGHT's journey with Founder Institute has been instrumental in its growth and success, providing the company with the mentorship, resources, and connections needed to thrive in the competitive startup landscape. we are incredibly grateful for the support and guidance it has received from Founder Institute and is committed to continuing to revolutionize the phone automation industry.


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