How Integrating telephony bot with gmail and google calendar can help your business

How Integrating telephony bot with gmail and google calendar can help your business

If you own a business, you'll know that answering inbound phone calls is essential but not easy with a limited number of staff. Telephony bot can be used to answer calls and take bookings, which is great if you’re running a shop or restaurant. The artificial intelligence used will integrate the transcribed information and use google calendars to store booking details, giving you more time to run your business. 

This article will look at how you can use an AI-powered telephony bot to transcribe your calls and take bookings.


The benefits of using telephony bot

The main benefit of using Telephony bot is that it makes answering calls and taking booking easier. The AI is particularly useful to shop and restaurant managers who are short of staff and don’t want to miss any calls.


Integrates with gmail

Telephony bot can answer telephone calls and transcribe what is being said. The service can be integrated with gmail, meaning you’ll receive the transcription by email to your shop or restaurant email. This allows you to monitor what’s being said, and you can get back to any customers who have asked a question about your brand. An app is also available, which will read out the incoming emails, allowing you to listen, hands-free while continuing with other jobs.


Integrates with Google calendars

You can also integrate Telephony bot with your business's Google calendar. When a customer calls to make a booking, their booking time and date will be added to your google calendar. Customers often go elsewhere if they call and can’t get through to make a booking. If you use Telephony bot, you’ll never miss a booking again and may find that your business increases. 

Google calendar is a free online diary that allows you to easily keep up with your bookings, events, or business meetings. 


Invest in telephony bot today

Allow telephony bot to become your business assistant. If you’re running a busy restaurant or shop, you’ll want to spend your time dealing with customers and running your business rather then having to answer the phone continually. Telephony bot is a fantastic solution as it acts as a virtual assistant by answering calls, transcribing what was said, and adding bookings to google calendar. 

Telephony bot is a low-cost solution for busy managers who aren’t always able to answer the phones. Several different packages are available from Delight, which allow you to benefit from Telephony bot services. 

Telephony bot can be used worldwide; it’s available in twenty different languages and can be set up and integrated with gmail and Google calendar in just a few days. Contact DELIGHT today to find out more about how the Telephony bot can help your business! 


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