DELIGHT started by chance. By chance,

Mr.Anno( Founder) met an older alumnus from my university’s tennis club, who worked at a television station, for the first time in several years, through work. We asked each other if we still played tennis. That was just before summer of 1999.

Afterward, we started talking about how it would be nice if there was a website where people could look for opponents, get in touch with long lost friends, and make new friends on-line. After that, the discussion expanded to “not just tennis, and not just within Japan, but all kinds of opportunities,” with the thought that this could be an ambitious and interesting business idea.

Finally, in 2000, he closed the book on my general trading business life, and started a business during the dot-com bubble with high hopes. Once the company was started, things did not go as well as expected, as a succession of issues with the proposed business model and with company management came to light. The financial situation did not look good.

His parents were hard on me for quitting my salaried job and became estranged, as my efforts to recover were not accompanied by sales.

He was a bad son who only contacted them in times of trouble. Then came an opportunity to negotiate a transfer for a naturalized Japanese, former Japan national basketball team athlete. He was good at negotiation, even as an amateur, and seriously began my work as a player’s agent. In addition, He found a need for event management that uses IT in China.

This expanded into a marathon race timing business there, and the company went into a growth trajectory; we even provided timing services for the Beijing Marathon, one of the biggest races in China. However, he was not careful enough during the good times, and the problem of unpaid accounts receivable in Japan, trouble with the Chinese business that had been going so well, and a traffic accident all came at the same time.

When it looked like our business would fail, we further polished the company’s structure and business model, to where we are today. We are still far from perfect, but we would like to challenge ourselves to do what is interesting, unique, new, and productive to society.


We hope for your continued support.
Thank you.